If you’re just running across this, then please be sure to read the about page. Welcome to the blog of a growing 24/7 TPE (Total Power Exchange) slave. What does this mean?

First, let me encourage you to look up submission and power exchanges on the web. Filter through information on other sites, or feel free to drop me a line if you have questions. If you’re not new to what we lovingly refer to as ‘the lifestyle’ then you are welcome here as well.

Second, let me reassure you. I’m not kept in a closet, I wasn’t kidnapped at a young age. I’m not brainwashed, and I’m not a Stepford Wife. I have willingly submitted to my Master, and I am able to leave the relationship at any time. He does not abuse me. There are aspects of our relationship that some might find abusive, but the rules are ones He and I have set up together, or that I have asked for. He is a sadist, and I am a masochist. We fully live within the realm of BDSM, but we are also very real, very honest people. We do not flash our lifestyle in people’s faces, but it is very much part of our lives.

We also have children (not together, although we co-parent each other’s children) and are going to be married. He is a full time student, and I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and a Master’s degree in Public Administration. We pay bills, we work jobs, we have the same lives as most Americans. We just are ‘a little old fashioned’ in how the household runs (He makes the decisions after we discuss things) and ‘a little kinky’ – okay, a lot kinky in the privacy of our garage/playroom and our bedroom.

This blog is intended mostly for an outlet for me to write down as I process various aspects of being a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter – and put them together with being a slave. If others come to read it and find discussion points or learn something new, I will be excited and pleased. If not, I’ll keep writing – it’s not about followers as much as it is processing and letting out my ‘writing demon.’